Daddy’s on the wall

It’s that time of year when you leave your light on in the evening and your door open and your house comes alive with this long legged creature fluttering around the light bulbs. When we set out in the morning for our days fishing we normally notice a few Daddy Longlegs (Crane Flies) sitting against the house or fishery wall, this is a sure indication the fish will be very interested in your imitation daddy. Here are just a few of our Daddy patterns that do very well in September and October.

One thing is for sure if you are not quite awake you soon will be when a trout comes up for your daddy with its mouth open wide or a swift smash of its tail as it tries to drown it and cruises round for the drowned daddy.


It can be a very exciting way to finish off the season as it will tempt those larger fish that have seen the kitchen sink but are dieting on the largest of terrestrial meals.



Caledonia Fly Company wish you all tight lines and hope you have a good Autumn. If you wish to see more of our patterns please look at our online brochure and buy them from our stockists list.


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