Deadly Snake Patterns

This pattern came about in the late 80’s for me in trying to stop fish nipping the tail end of my rabbit size 4 and 6 long shank lures at the Moffat fishery. I was kindly sent some braided mono for my reel from Vince Gwilym and I came up with the idea of setting the hook inside the braid facing upwards into the rabbit and a braided loop at the front. Attaching the rabbit has always been an issue but I tied it at the front and the rear and glued the rabbit skin of the braid inbetween. Not ideal I know but it caught so many fish it did not matter as long as the front and rear were still tied in the trout do not mind. I have updated this this season by adding in a thread fix in the middle of the rabbit body.

My favourite colours were Pink for stocked fish and brown for the wiser ones. If you wanted to put a bag together then Pink it was. The larger more resident fish love the Brown pattern, I used to add 2 large Jungle Cock cheeks which made it more fry like rather than a leech style pattern. All I can say is my friends and I had some terrific days with these lures. Please click here to see the collection of snakes.

Retrieve is crucial some days ! steady figure of eight is devastating for the larger fish, even stopping after a nip on the end and starting off slowly again. If you want stock fish then just roly poly the pattern in any colour! never strike or it will only end in disappointment, keep on doing the same retrieve until the rod is in a big curve and you are sure you have it hooked as it takes metres of line off the floor.

Silty water can really affect the fish taking of these lures and you are better off moving to  marabou patterns, large of course to get the larger resident fish.

Whatever you do with these patterns it is very enjoyable, not one for the purest but one for anglers who like catching fish.

Caledonia Fly Company wish you all tight lines and hope you land that trout fish of a life time. If you wish to see more of our patterns please look at our online brochure and buy them from our stockists list.



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