Spring on the River Spey 2017

Are we in for another fabulous season on the fastest flowing river in Scotland? It sure had a wonderful spring and summer with plenty of sport on many beats. With all that enthusiasm in the air what flies will you need for your trip. With the cooler weather here today copper tubes are always going to be a must with a few old favorite doubles thrown in.

Golden Angel will stand out for any Spring Fish, great all round pattern and can be fished anywhere for Spring Salmon.

Golden Angel



It’s time to introduce you to the Blue Angel Cascade, this pattern has been hidden away for many seasons and I can now introduce it to our customers for their opinion. It comes on a copper tube and on the very strong Patriot double.

The Blue Angel is a fish catcher! but I will let you decide that, have a great season with it.


Copper, always a favorite colour for many of the regulars right through the season.

Copper Cascade



Yellow Moose has the true spring colour scheme of yellow and black with that definitely eye catching copper body.

Yellow Moose 


The Red Munro is a striking fly and accounts for many a Spey Springer. You can fish this with great confidence.

Red Munro


For those of you who fish fast tips and like Sunray fishing you must try the Cohn’s Copper Sunray, yes Sunray in the spring! The pattern has been designed especially for the Spey, we use the normal Cohn’s gold bodied Sunray on the Dee and other rivers with great effect. When the water temperature starts to get near the 40 degree mark these flies start to catch many fish even in the cold water. Just get this Sunray down with your intermediate line and tips.

Cohn’s Copper Sunray


Caledonia Fly Company wish you all tight lines and hope you land that very much prized Spey Spring fish. If you wish to see more of our patterns please look at our online brochure and buy them from our stockists list.


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