River Dee 2017 Opening

One of Scotland’s well known Spring Salmon rivers is  opening tomorrow. Everything is looking very good with fresh cooler water flowing in from the hills, lifting the river which has been quite low over the last few weeks. Anglers will be upbeat and dying to have a cast on their favourite beats. There is always a buzz about the Dee as it can have a phenomenal start to the season where many anglers catch their first Spring salmon. With that in mind I would like to suggest a few of my early season favourites. Above is our new Norwegian Monkey, tied on a 1″ copper tube and heavy Conehead. Monkey patterns are always a “go to” pattern for the start of the season on the Dee and the yellow and black monkey is the favoured colour but as the anglers with many seasons under their belts know the blue monkey pattern is also very reliable. Here are three of my favorite spring monkeys below.


Of course if we are out spring fishing we would be lost without our Willie Gunns but which one to choose, well the answer is always the one you have most faith in of course. I would recommend the following two patterns – Cohn’s Spring Gunn and the Gold Willie Gunn.

Colour contrast patterns such as black and yellow are the old favourites of many of you so I must include them in this article as they also land many spring Salmon. Below is the Posh Tosh and Gordon’s Fancy.

We at Caledonia Fly Company wish you all tight lines and hope you land that very much prized Spring fish. If you wish to see more of our patterns please look at our online brochure and buy them from our stockists list.


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