Intruders in 2017

We are delighted to release a new collection of Atlantic Salmon Intruder patterns. We have


been fishing these three new patterns in several rivers with a very good response from the fish. They are the Posh Intruder (above)  the Gold Willie Gunn Intruder and Cascade Intruders below.  My friend and fishing partner Iain Wilson from Borders Gunroom loves these style of tubes with their Pro Ultra Sonic disc and mobile hackles and wings.


Iain was on the river Dee in early spring and showed how deadly the intruder patterns were with catching spring fish consistently, his incredible catches of over 40 Spring fish throughout the Scottish river systems.


You can view all our new 2017 patterns on our website at Caledonia Flies and find out where to purchase these from your favorite Caledonia Fly dealer.

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