Sunray patterns

We are well into May now with water temperatures reaching 50 degrees this week. The rivers that have water are enjoying sport on many a beat. I have been out tempting a fewfish on different patterns but one of my favorite ways of catching the summer fish is with the Sunray style fishing method. Stripping it square across your favorite pool or stream, or even letting it swing through those faster streams it is sure to bring you one of the most exciting takes of the season. With your fish taking so close to the surface you will see water spraying and a silver flash flying through the air. You can fish your flies on a hover line or full floater with either a clear floating tip or a clear 1.5 ips tip. Yes you can go further down in the water table if required but at this time of year most Salmon will travel to meet your fly. Remember the fish can only look up and not below themselves so it is always better to have your fly above them !

I have put together a few of Caledonia Fly Sunray style patterns for you to look at, these are all available at your local Caledonia Fly Company retailer which can be found on our website under the where to buy tab.

Please look at our other fly patterns on the Caledonia Flies website under the brochure tab.

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