Tay Opening Day

It’s here at last all those long winter nights are coming to an end and it’s time to get your kit together and prepare to brave the chilly air and cool water. Water levels have been dropping and it’s looking very favourable for the 15th. Fish have been seen splashing around which is always a good sign, as where there are kelts holding up there are sure to be a few Springers hanging around nearby. The Spring Salmon tend to slow down when they come across their brothers and sisters hanging around in our beats, safety in numbers etc.

This month is all about getting down to those belly rubbing Spring fish sitting in our favourite runs and pools. So intermediate lines and fast tips are the norm but that won’t catch you the fish, the fly will. That’s where Caledonia Flies hope to help you out.

Bright flies with yellow in them is always a good start, good contrast in your fly is always a firm favourite with anglers, yellow and black and orange and black. Other good colours are green, pink and blue. Spring fish are very aggressive and if they see your fly they will normally have a go, they may not be willing to chase it or come 6 feet up in the water table but put it down near them is giving you the best chance of a take.

My favourite double pattern flies for the spring are –


Tube flies be it Aluminium, Copper or Brass will all help you get the fly deeper faster. Remembering that you also need to keep your line/tip down in the water as well.

My favourite Tube pattern flies for the spring are –



I hope this will help you with your fly choice for those fantastic Spring fish. Our flies can be bought from our dealers, please follow link and click on the dealers tab to find your nearest dealer or on-line store.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and a wonderful fishing season from Karen and Malcolm at Caledonia Fly Company.


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