Spring Water Conditions

Well it’s not long now until the rod’s will be out of their cupboard again. We have high water levels and higher than normal water temperatures at the moment, what will the Salmon Spring run bring us on the rivers in 2016. I think we will all be pleased to see it start and we will just have to knuckle down and find out where the fish are lying in our fast flowing rivers. Fast heads and bright flies will be the order of the day I am sure, plus a few monkey patterns thrown in there as well.

Below – Yellow Moose


I am sure the weather will get colder soon and the heavens will run out of water as well and we will get down to our normal Spring fishing water levels. If the river temperatures stay up, this can only be good for tempting the large Spring Salmon in to the rivers even early this season.

Below – Sunburst Cascade.


I wish you all the best for the forth coming season and I hope you catch more fish than you did last season, well your bound to using our Caledonia Flies.

Below – Green Highlander PUS disc.


Happy New year to you all when it comes best wishes Karen and Malcolm

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